What to ask             when meeting a mentor

•    Ask about their career path. 
•    How did they get started and progressed through their career 
•    Ask questions about knowledge, skills, and credentials required for the job 
•    Ask about a typical day and number of average hours worked 
•    Ask about typical career progression of the role 
•    Ask about the advantages and disadvantages of the role/industry Ask about salary range 
•    Ask about the traveling pattern for the job (if required) 
•    Ask about a specific company culture, core values, or goals 
•    Ask about industry trends and big events 
•    Ask about relevant events or associations 

•    Ask if there's anyone else they would suggest that you talk to 
•    Ask which companies they would suggest you to apply to for a job
•    Ask if there is anything else you should know but forgot to ask  

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